10 Bizarre Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Dany Chetverikov
October 20, 2020
10 things you can buy with Bitcoin

Those days, when it was impossible to pay for goods with Bitcoin, are long gone. Now many businesses accept crypto as payment. Even giants like Microsoft are joining in. Not only do they choose crypto as a convenient and secure payment option, but also as an advertising strategy to attract the new audience. 

The assortment of goods you can buy for Bitcoin ranges from the regular stuff, like clothes or electronics, to some really bizarre items that are just fun to own or gift. 

In this article, we present a list of 10 weirdest things you can buy with Bitcoin (in no particular order). 

1. Pocket Cannon

Always dreamed of firing a real cannon but the security in the historical museum just kicks you out? With this pocket cannon, you can get closer to your dream for just $26,99. 

Even though it is really tiny, according to the producer, Pocket Artillery, the cannon works perfectly. In the demo videos, the round from this cannon destroys the glass beer bottle and goes through the can of coke like a knife through butter. 

Answering your next question — yes, it is absolutely legal to purchase the tiny cannon, but in order to shoot it, you need to have a license that allows the purchase, possession, and use of black powder. 

2. Alpaca socks

This may surprise the new Bitcoin fans, but Alpacas and BTC have a long going history together. 

The meme originated back in 2011 when a Slashdot forum user posted a shortlist of stores that accepted Bitcoin as a payment. Among others, the Grass Hill Alpaca stood out. Shortly after this discovery alpacas gained popularity as an unofficial mascot of the network, resulting in stores’ entire season stock being sold out. 

The Grass Hill Alpaca still operates and you can order socks for about $20 a pair. It is a great option for those who want to buy a crypto-themed present, but don’t want to get the banal golden coin with the Bitcoin logo on it. 

If you worry about alpacas there is no need to — the whole process is absolutely ethical and alpaca-friendly. 

3. 3D Printer

Why buy stuff when you can print it out? A 3D printer makes it possible. The use of those hi-tech machines differs from educational and business purposes to just fun. You already thought of a couple of things you would print out if you had one, didn’t you? 

The common perception of 3D printers is that they are incredibly expensive, but this is far from the truth. Yes, some of the most expensive printers at the RoboSavvy store can get up to $20,000, but the simpler models start from just $200.

4. Red Trinidad Scorpion Jelly 

Are you a chile-head that always tries to climb higher on the famous Scoville Scale? In this case, the Solar Fuego Hot Sauce should be on your list. It is made out of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, which spice level is comparable with the famous Carolina Reaper pepper and pepper spray. 

You can buy a bottle for just $12. They claim that you will “feel the blistering heat of the sun without the tan”, which sounds really promising for those spice fans that are already used to the “mild” spice of Tabasco. 

5. Painting

You can buy a crypto-themed painting from the “Elite Bitcoin Marketplace” called De Louvois. What is so bizarre about buying a painting that will tell every guest in your house that you are a Bitcoin fan? 

Well, the idea of buying a painting with something you like is pretty ordinary, but the price is not. Maybe we are just not the art experts, but paying more than 1 BTC ($11,500 at the time of writing) for a painting of Vitalik that will scare the living hell out of you every time you look at it seems like a bit too much. 

6. USB Killer

USB killer is a device that can damage the hardware of any gadget just by plugging it in. It creates a high voltage power that is capable of shutting down the desktop, laptop, and even a smartphone. 

Answering your question — yes, it is legal to buy it. However, it should go without saying it is illegal and punishable to destroy any computer that does not belong to you or which you do not have permission to destroy. 

The USB Killer seems like a spy device with doubtful use cases, but its main idea is rather the opposite. It was made for the security companies and individuals who want to stress-test their hardware and protect it from attacks. 

Sorry, but there will be no link to the store for this one for obvious reasons.

7. Mystery Box

Most likely, you already heard of the mystery boxes from videos on YouTube with content creators ordering a secret surprise box from the darknet. Because of those videos, mystery boxes got associated with something illegal and scary.

In reality, there are many legal ”upper internet” options that will still give you some great emotions. Despite the presumptions that there can be just garbage inside, the seller usually tries to include something sweet and valuable in the box since the next buyers will read the reviews from past clients. 

The price for a box can vary a lot from $25 to thousands of dollars. Just make sure you read the reviews before ordering to be sure that you will not get something completely useless.

As a disclaimer, you should never buy a mystery box from the darknet. Not only you will most likely be scammed, but you can also face serious charges if the box gets delivered with a “surprise”. The law enforcement will probably not be inspired by your story about mysterious Santa from the deep web. 

8. 30-day Emergency Food Ration

Do you want to keep a diverse 2000 calorie ration in the event of a natural disaster or zombie apocalypse? Then this nutritious bucket of the emergency food supply is right for you. 

The menu includes a variety of dishes, from chicken-flavored rice to soups and banana chips. It is obviously not the healthiest solution since the meals are mostly powder-based, but who cares? It should give you 30 days of energy in the situation where the health concerns are pushed back and the only goal is to survive. 

9. Electric Violin

Are you a fan of classical music or a rare instrument collector? Does not matter, because the violin made by 3DVarius can be treated as a piece of art by itself. You may not know anything about music and put it in the living room just to enjoy looking at it.

Sharp design, made possible by 3D printing technology and a customizable engraving will make it a great present. It is also a very expensive present, to say the least — the cheapest 3DVarus violin cost $1350 and can go up to $10,000. 

10. Venus Flytrap Plant

Do you still have the tape fly traps hanging down from the ceiling? They are boring, inconvenient, and sometimes toxic. Instead, you can grow your own live meat-eating murderous plant that will hunt the annoying mosquitos and protect your sleep. 

For just $25 you can buy a kit with a box and seeds to start growing your murderous farm.

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