Encrypted messengers: What they are and why do you need them

September 17, 2019

Encrypted, or secure messengers provide you end-to-end encryption (E2EE) of your texts. For a user, unwilling to get deeper into technical details, it means that their communication is completely private and cannot be monitored by a third party. Some advanced messengers extend this protection to phone calls and the media files sent through the app.

It sounds like a spy movie stuff, we know.

Nevertheless, there are several reasons why a law-abiding citizen like you may opt for a secure encrypted messenger. Let us name just a few:

You don’t want your data to be used, or tampered with, by unauthorised parties, and without your consent. If your chats are not encrypted, the information you share privately with your friends may be intercepted and used for a marketing purpose. Say, today you mention going to France in a chat with your mom, and tomorrow you start being molested by ads and emails, offering you tickets and hotels. This type of data may be collected by your VPN or anti-virus provider, especially if you prefer free software.
Facebook messenger (that does not use en-to-end encryption) is known to be especially risky in this sense: cybersecurity experts have repeatedly warned users against this popular app, exposing the Facebook’s “systematic failures to protect customer data.” Also, the direct access to their users’ data enables the company to read, write and delete any messages in your chats. (Although it’s unlikely that Facebook specialists will start sending messages to your friends on your behalf, they can do it, hypothetically).

You want to prevent identity theft. Many of us are familiar with such a situation: a friend starts talking to you via a messenger app, and after a generic greeting like ‘Hello, how are you?” suggests you take part in a suspicious-looking game with a huge prize, or asks for some money to help him out of an emergency. Shortly after, this friend will call or text you and his other contacts – just to warn them that his account has been broken, and he cannot be responsible for the messages sent by the hacker. If you don’t want to find yourself in this friend’s shoes and seek to safeguard your digital identity, an encrypted messenger app should be your primary means of communication.

Your job implies corporate data handling, and you are responsible for its security. You may be a business person who knows a lot of commercial secrets, or an investigator possessing some ‘explosive’ info that must be kept away from prying eyes of competitors, or criminals, or corrupt authorities, or journalists. In such cases, inability to keep your communication 100% confidential and unhackable may cost you anything from money to life. Also, any leakage may negatively affect or endanger other people, who have trusted your with their sensitive data. 

You are a lawyer/doctor/psychologist who is under a gag order. Like in the previous example, your inability to keep things secret, may result in a scandal and tarnish your professional reputation. Not to mention the emotional and reputational damage caused to your clients. Thus, if you use modern means of communications to discuss the issues of your patients, just make sure your messenger is encrypted.

You have something to hide. Everyone has their personal vulnerabilities. Though your little secrets may seem very innocent to other people, you are too shy to have them exposed to anyone but your close friend, or your therapist. Family or health issues, ‘special tastes’ you would rather keep hidden, romantic chats and other very private stuff falls under that category.

The most popular E2EE messenger apps are WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, KakaoTalk and some others. If you use one of them, you are probably already on the safe side.

If you are one of those who likes the all-in-one approach, you would love using Exscudo Channels in-app messenger. Conveniently combined with crypto wallet and based on the in-house EON blockchain, Channels protected messenger supports audio and video calls, allowing you to safely share and discuss personal or corporate information in the way you prefer.

This opportunity means a lot to all crypto owners who used to be paranoid about their data safety. We all are aware that if you deal with digital money such caution is understandable – and more than justified. 

Another advantage of the Channels app is having all you need at hand, in one place. Everything you have to safeguard, be it classified business information, little personal secrets, or crypto funds, is stored and managed in the same unhackable and user-friendly environment.

Sounds like something you’ve been looking for?
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