10 Reasons to Use Exscudo Channels

August 27, 2019

Exscudo Channels is an innovative payment tool used by many users worldwide. if you’re not one of them yet, here are 10 reasons why you should install the app.
In case you have been using Channels for some time, we suggest you read it, too – just to be  sure you are familiar with every option available!

  • ‘All in one’ approach. Channels seamlessly combines several important services, making many other apps unnecessary. You can use it for private communication, trading, making payments and fund transfers, currency exchange and shopping. Actually, it’s a multi-tool.
  • Perfect for travelers. Whether you are on vacation, a business trip or a grand-tour you have to deal with currency change and cross-border transfers on a regular basis. These issues are fast, easy and completely stress-free if you use Exscudo Channels app. It allows direct currency exchange and supports multiple currencies, both crypto and fiat. Due to automatic conversion option available in the upcoming Channels credit card, travelers will be able to spend their crypto in any shop with a POS terminal.
  • Fits any life-style. You may be an indoor person, or the one always ready to hit the road, an early bird, or a night owl. You may be an active trader who moves around a lot, or an office worker, who sees crypto as a hobby. In any case, it’s very convenient to have a 24/7 access to a pocket-size personal bank – well-protected, flexible and customized for your needs.
  • User-friendly. Due to its well-designed intuitive interface, Channels can be used by any person familiar with mobile apps. You needn’t be a tech-savvy financial guru to handle your money the best way possible.
  • Ultra-secure. Decentralized nature of blockchain networks ensures unprecedented level of protection for your personal data and funds. With Channels you can securely store, trade, transfer or otherwise manage your money. Our ecosystem is powered by in-house EON blockchain, that has been attacked multiple times but has never been compromised.
  • Encrypted communication. Exscudo Channels gives you an opportunity to communicate with your friends, relatives and business partners as safely and freely as possible. You can use in-app audio- and video-calls (recently added feature), or the text chat. Every channel is encrypted, meaning you can receive and deliver information in a peer-to-peer way. It’s up to you to decide if you still want to use your default messenger when you have a much better option at your disposal.
  • Low fees. Forget about the unreasonably high fees, charged by banks for cash withdrawal, currency exchange or international transfers. P2P blockchain-based financial interaction eliminates a lot of middlemen with their unnecessary (and costly!) activities. With Channels, you pay next to nothing compared to the fee a bank would charge for the same operation.
  • High speed. Standard time for a cross-border banking transfer is 1 to 4 business days, if there are no complications. With Exscudo Channels, it’s about 3 minutes. Have it tested.
  • Smart shopping. The upcoming TeamShop coupon service, based on Channels app, promises to make shopping smarter than ever. Any user with basic networking skills will be able earn crypto rewards by organizing teams of buyers in order to get a collective discount for various goods and services, provided by Exscudo partners. Easily earned, wisely spent!
  • Extra features. As we announced last week, Exscudo has recently entered the final stage to complete our plastic debit card integration. While the free card still allows you to make payments in any currency, the paid one offers a number of really exciting features, including up to 10% cashback, exchange in 12 fiat currencies with no monthly limit, no ATM fees, priority customer support, travel insurance and even more. 

We are always busy developing new add-ons; make it a habit to check up on updates!

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