6 Types of People That Would Love Using Channels App

October 18, 2019
People that would love using Channels app

The Channels app is designed with user’s convenience in mind. Our primary goal was to create a financial multi-tool that would address the needs of the maximum number of people.

But there are six types of users who would absolutely love  Channels. It just seems to be tailoer-made for their lifestyle.

These people are are:

1. Travelers

Frequent international travelers have to deal with currency change on a regular basis. Especially when they are on a grand tour and cross borders every few days. If you use a banking card or cash, it may generate additional stress and require extra mental effort. Especially if calculating is not your strongest point.

Channels relieves this headache – it allows direct and fast currency exchange. And, unlike a typical banking card, supports many popular crypto and fiat currencies in one account. The upcoming Channels credit card will have automatic conversion feature, making it possible to spend your crypto in any shop with a POS terminal. No matter where you are in the world. 

2. Business people

Business people who often make international transfers to pay for products or services that are cheaper in other parts of the world, will appreciate low money transfer fees and high transaction processing speed.

In a traditional scheme, it takes up to several banking days for payment to reach the recipient. And the commissions may add up to a tidy sum. Especially, in case of a bulk purchase. Channels saves entrepreneurs a lot of money and time, making their business more dynamic and their partners more responsive.

3. Freelancers

If you work for a foreign client because you cannot find an adequate job in your home city or just because the payments are better this way, it would be a smart decision to use Channels app for receiving regular transfers from abroad.

This way you save a considerable part of your earnings that would otherwise be retained by banks, involved in the process. 

4. People, Working Abroad

These days, a huge number of people choose to work abroad to be able to support their families at home. These people may be unbanked migrant workers, who use payment systems like Western Union for sending money to their families, or rare specialists involved in a global project, or expats who send regular allowance to their parents or kids.

Whatever category you belong to, you may be unwilling to share your hard-earned money with banks and payment systems, who approximately charge 7% (or even more) as a commission. With Channels, you pay about 100 (a hundred) times less. Every dollar you would give to a bank for moving your money from point A to point B, becomes 1 cent. Worth trying, isn’t it?

5. Contractors and moonlighters

If you are a student, or a retired citizen who cannot afford working full-time but seeks to earn some money to cover their urgent needs (or indulge in guilty pleasures, we don’t care), you may consider some moonlighting to boost your income.

As a Channels user, you can look for a job in a special group chat, connect with people ready to outsource their chores to you, and receive payments after providing the proof of work. An easy, fast and reliable scheme that saves you a lot of effort.

6. Security Fans

Today, many people become over-protective and suspicious when it concerns their private life and data. This paranoia is due to the fact that you regularly deal with classified info, or exchange financial documents that are not supposed to be seen by any third parties. Or it may be fueled by a natural urge to keep private things private in the world where boundaries between personal and public become increasingly blurred.

No matter what your reasons for secrecy are, Channels app encrypted messenger ensures the ultimate security level for the things you say, text or send. You may use it for confidential negotiations, intimate talks or sending and receiving important docs.


Hopefully, you recognized yourself, fully or partially, in one of the descriptions above. 

If  you did, it is a good excuse to give Channels a try right now.

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