Exscudo Exchange February Update

Ivan Skladchikov
March 2, 2020

Let’s take a look at the February list of updates on the Exscudo Exchange.

We cut SEPA Withdrawal Fee To Industry Lowest

We reduced the SEPA withdrawal fee to 5 EUR + 1%. This makes our platform one of the most affordable in the industry in terms of withdrawal fees.

Thanks to a non-existent SEPA deposit fee, users can move the funds in and out of the exchange at amazing rates!

Fixes To Name Sorting In “Fee For Withdrawal” Tab

On the “Fee policies” page, subsection “Fee for withdrawal” some currencies had an incorrect position if the name started with a lowercase letter. For example, NEM was ahead of NavCoin.

Now the sorting does not take capitalization into account and the page displays all currencies in correct alphabetical order.

Changes To The Registration Process

We removed the password field from the registration form.

Also, we created an email confirmation page. Users, who confirmed their emails are redirected to this page with a link, that contains a special confirmation token. This makes the registration process more simple and more secure.

Default sorting of orders by currencies signs

On the “Fee policies” page, the “Fee for withdrawal” subsection, the currencies were sorted by the name. As a result some currencies that you would expect to be at the top were in the middle or near the bottom.

The new default sorting by option is by the “Currency” column, which is more in line with our other products. This also makes finding the right currencies faster.

Other bug fixes and small improvements

We have added more bug fixes and improvements to the backend component on the exchange.

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