Exscudo releases a major exchange update!

May 31, 2019
Exchange development update

We are proud to announce that we have released a major exchange upgrade!

As part of this update, our exchange is being rebranded as a professional trading instrument for most serious traders in the industry and will feature several functions that are usually reserved for the desktop trading terminals.

Among the key changes:

1) Traders can now activate the second chart to monitor the higher timeframe. This allows better control over the strong support/resistance levels that are now always in view.

2) Following many requests, we are happy to introduce the list of trades, which can easily be filtered by trade volume, to hide insignificant smaller trades from view. This allows monitoring if there are patterns in the activity of buyers/sellers, to predict short-term trends.

3) We are pleased to introduce a new navigation panel for currency pairs. The number of listed pairs is growing, so we require a more efficient tool to navigate quickly and comprehensively. Now you can use the smart search with tags, quick filtering, and the favorites list.

4) The DoM is now more user-friendly: scrolling features have been improved, you can do better price picking. When clicked, the price from the DoM will go directly to your order, that is crucial if you want to quickly follow the price with limit orders only.

5) The Order & Trades panels were improved to provide better sorting and accountability for your orders and trades

The Exscudo exchange is the only centralized trading platform on the market with a blockchain access layer – the unique design or our exchange ensures that our platform is 100% secure from cyber attacks.

Exscudo is also the only Exchange on the market which has developed its own trading desktop terminal – at the moment the terminal is being tested and it’s available only to the team members.

Our team has a tremendous amount of experience in the development of professional trading terminals for some of the largest industry players. We’ve decided to take this experience and bring it to everybody and develop our own trading terminal specifically aimed at cryptocurrency trading.

What’s more, some of these professional features will be open to the public and available on the Exscudo web exchange! First of these features were introduced with the current update, while the rest will be implemented in regular updates.

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