Sound of Money Contest – Grab your chance for glory!

August 29, 2019

Do you want to become a part of the global new gen project, winning your place in Exscudo history? Are you ready to compete for the prize worth 3000 EON?

The time has come: Exscudo starts The Sound of Money contest for the best tune signalling money transfer to a Channels account. Also, we need a pleasant and recognizable tune for Channels messenger calls. Everyone with a basic knowledge of music editors is welcome to unleash their creative power and compete for the prize of 3000 EON!

Excited by the opportunity to create a tune that all Channel users will hear every time they receive money or a call? 

Let’s see what should be done to become the contest winner, step by step:

  1. Create 2 tunes, suitable for calls and money transfer. They must be catchy and short (no more than 10 seconds for a call tune and 3 seconds for a money transfer jingle). Naturally, both must be unique and never used before, for whatever purpose.

  2. Convert these tunes into MP3 or another popular audio format (WAV, ogg) and send them to [email protected] strictly before October 1, 2019.

  3. We will listen to all the tunes and pick the most appealing one through voting. The author of the winning pair will get 3000 EON shortly after the results of the contest are announced officially. 

We believe there is a lot of talented people in the Exscudo community, and are ready to reward your contribution to the Channels ecosystem. By the way, the name of the winning tune author will be mentioned in the ‘About app’ section of Channels!

Please, note that you have only 1 month (September 1 – October 1) to create and send us your tune samples, and the countdown has just started.

Good luck!

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