Top 10 Freelance Marketplaces: 2020 Guide

Ivan Skladchikov
March 20, 2020

Today, when remote working is growing popular, many people become freelancers. Some do it full-time, others just seek to earn extra cash now and then.
There are many websites helping freelancers meet clients and vice versa. We offer you our list of Top 10 freelance marketplaces. 

Top 10 Freelance Marketplaces: Overview

We will be considering the top 10 freelance marketplaces in 2020. The position in the list depends on the reputation, convenience of use, availability of useful tools, and reviews. Meet the Big 10!

Toptal client list includes Bridgestone, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, and other major corporations.

1) Toptal: “Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent”

The abbreviation stands for “top talents”: indeed, less than 3% of all the applicants are accepted.

Toptal looks for seasoned developers, designers, finance experts, product and brand managers to meet the highest expectations.

It’s rather hard to be positively selected. But if you manage to make it through, you become visible for the best companies in the world. So, it’s worth trying. 

Why Toptal

  • For freelancers can get higher-than-average payments and have a chance to work for a top-tier corporation, with all attendant benefits. 
  • Corporations get access to the pool of the best freelance specialists who have passed a rigorous selection. Toptal measures both hard and soft skills, so any freelancer you hire through this platform should be perfect. Or close to perfect.
Guru statistical data and the customer satisfaction rate is impressive.

2) Guru: “Find And Hire Expert Freelancers”

The company believes in creating a flexible, cost-efficient and safe environment for those working remotely. Guru deals with all kinds of specialists a business may need. There you can monetize many various skills, including copywriting, designing, marketing and promotion, and more. The platform is global  — more than 3 million people from all over the world use it. An applicant gets verified and rated by the system, based on his/her performance.

Why Guru

  • The system makes it easy to work with companies of any size and type, be it a big agency or a small retailer.
  • Guru ensures positive customer experience both to freelancers and clients for the lowest price possible.
  • The platform is secure. As a freelancer, you are sure you will be properly paid for a quality job. As a client, you can review the work before paying for it.
  • 24/7 customer support helps you solve any Guru-related problem.
  • There are over 3 mln registered users.
The main page design reflects the simplicity of use.

3) Freelancer: “Hire Expert Freelancers For Any Job, Online”

If you are a small business looking for someone to help you with the website or SMM page, is probably the best place to come. Just post your project on their website and wait for bids from freelancers.

If you are there to make some money, you can upload the samples of your work, browse jobs and offer your services. The website provides convenient tools that make freelancer-client interaction more efficient.

Why Freelancer

  • A very user-friendly interface makes it easy to find a job or contractor.
  • The platform meets the needs of small, medium-sized and big businesses.
  • You can pay (or get paid) on a fixed price or hourly terms.
  • The site provides a live chat where you can discuss tasks with your clients.
Upwork help to find a specialized freelance talent or an agency to complete any task.

4) UpWork: “In Demand Talent On Demand”

The website is ideal for businesses having a massive project to complete and freelancers ready to help with it. The tasks range from design to customer support.
The company posts the project and a specialist can apply for it. There are chats and video calls available, to keep clients and contractors seamlessly connected.

Why UpWork

  • UpWork helps companies find specialists to work on large-scale sophisticated projects.
  • There are efficient on-site communication tools, video calls included.
  • Freelancers can choose between long-term and short-term projects.
Fiverr: another marketplace to meet top-rate clients, including Google, Netflix, P&G.

5) Fiverr: “Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business”

Among Fiverr’s clients are Netflix, Google, PayPal, MIT, and Facebook. The platform is here to help you create a website, build a brand, write or translate a text, voice a message, reach out to a wider audience through smart SMM management, develop games, and more. 

Why Fiverr

  • Wide variety of tasks and professionals;
  • Payment protection: you get your money as soon as your client approves the work;
  • Fixed price for every task, no hourly rates;
  • Responsive customer support service working 24/7.
PeoplePerHour declare they can match you with an expert freelancer in minutes.

6) PeoplePerHour: “Live Your Work Dream”

At the time of writing, 935,994 companies use this site, and the number of freelancers is 2,399,459. Good specialist are highly rated by their clients and win more tasks. Another advantage of PeoplePerHour is that you can find almost anything (or anyone) here.

Why PeoplePerHour

  • Many diverse tasks and a huge number of specialists to choose from;
  • Job ratings guarantee a good specialist gets more tasks;
  • Easy communication between the parties.
  • You can find a suitable task/contractor within minutes.
99designs makes it possible for a business of any size to find a designer for any task, big or small.

7) 99designs: “Design Makes Everything Possible”

Order a logo, book cover, product label, poster, business card or anything you wish. For it, post your project on the 99designs website and invite the creative community to compete for it.

A new task gets posted every 2 seconds, so there is always something to choose from.
Freelance designers can opt for working independently or in a group.

Why 99designs

  • Over 90 categories of design-related tasks;
  • Opportunity for designers to team-up or work directly with the client;
  • Blog with a lot of inspirational ideas.
Aquent uses the auto-tag system, it allows you to spot specialists with relevant experience.

8) Aquent: “The Time Is Now For Benefits Equality”

The platform promises to match you with a perfect client. To achieve this goal, it uses a special tool to auto-tag the works in your portfolio. This automatic system is able to recognize millions of objects, helping you find the job that meets your skills and experience. To find a job/client, it’s enough to enter some keywords and location, and the website returns you the best results.

Why Aquent

  • Auto-match algorithm to help you meet a perfect client/contractor;
  • Easy search;
  • Auto-tagging function available to freelancers.
PubLoft is an experimental platform that focuses on content marketing.

9) PubLoft: “Get Paid To Write Well”

One of the top platforms for freelance content writers. Before starting, you will have to pass a test so they could assess the level of your grammar, language fluency, and other relevant skills. The site also provides you with some helpful tools to make work more efficient. 

Why PubLoft

  • Writer-specific experimental platform;
  • Helps you manage your clients and get paid on time;
  • The longer you stay with PubLoft, the better you are paid (if you are good at what you do).
if you are too busy or lazy for an essay, use Paperell website to find a professional writer.

10) Paperell: “Meet Paperell  — the Site That Writes”

Welcome to the website that writes essays, dissertations, research papers, and other stuff. Here, you can reach a professional writer and outsource your creative chores to him or her. Or, if you are a freelancer, monetize someone’s lack of inspiration.

Why Paperell

  • Quick and simple writer/client search;
  • Expert writers are ready to help clients with any genre and topic;
  • Negotiable prices.

We hope this list of Top 10 freelance marketplaces will come useful when you decide to do some work from home!

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