Open beta testing of the Exscudo exchange to be launched…

Due to prolonging testing of EON blockchain testnet we decided to postpone the launch of Exscudo beta exchange until January. [...]

Exscudo announces the second stage of EON testnet

Exscudo is proud to announce that EON testnet was successfully updated today at 15:00 Moscow time. Users can update their [...]

Members of the Financial services Club were amazed by the…

At the beginning of December the Financial Services Club (Andy Coppell and Chris Skinner) brought together professionals and business leaders [...]

Exscudo project was presented at the largest fintech event in…

On 6-7 December Exscudo team was happy to participate in Europe’s most exciting fintech event – Fintech Connect Live 2017! [...]

Why Exscudo
EON as a particular case of transactional business and regulations

EON blockchain is a hybrid system without any bottlenecks. It is safe, resilient, flexible, scalable with speed of client-server solutions. [...]

EON testnet was successfully updated

Exscudo is happy to announce the beginning of Stage One of EON blockchain testnet! Testnet is the early version of [...]

Unlocking new business opportunities: Exscudo joins B-hive

Exscudo, the financial ecosystem which unites cryptocurrency market and traditional finance is proud to become a member of B-hive, European [...]

Exscudo uses multisignature technology to protect user accounts

Digital space is full of dangers, one of which is hacker attacks. That is why such services as cryptocurrency wallets [...]

Exscudo is a Silver Sponsor of Cryptocurrency World Expo Warsaw…

We are happy to announce that Exscudo is a Silver Sponsor of Cryptocurrency World Expo Warsaw Summit. This event is [...]

What is the future of Cryptocurrencies in China?

In the last couple of months, many advancements were made regarding cryptocurrency legislation and regulation. Many countries like Canada, China, [...]