Exscudo Exchange Trading
Exscudo Ultimate Trading Guide

More Trading cryptocurrencies has become a very profitable undertaking recently. Trading volumes have skyrocketed and continue to rise. With bigger [...]

Exscudo Legal
How is Exscudo being licensed?

Only 3 hours are left to get the 2.5% bonus! Today, we are excited to inform our investors about what we [...]

How Exscudo Helps You To Store Cryptocurrencies

With the rise of various cryptocurrencies capitalization over the last months, a lot of newcomers and investors face the problem [...]

Exscudo Launches Servers In China

We are welcoming Chinese investors to contribute to our project! Exscudo knows no borders, and even the Great Wall can’t [...]

How many EON coins do you actually get?

The first 10 days of the ICO are almost over. Exscudo has passed the minimum threshold of 1000 BTC and [...]

Exscudo Opens Slack Channel

The channel is available on https://slack.exscudo.com. Exscudo opens the Slack channel for direct communication with users and investors. The channel [...]

Investors rush – Exscudo strikes back

Dear all, We are highly excited about your interest to Exscudo. Yesterday, at the start of the crowdsale, we faced [...]

Exscudo Releases Technical Whitepaper

Exscudo releases a document covering the basic functionality of the EON blockchain. The technical white paper covers the rules of [...]

5 days ICO Exscudo
5 days left until Exscudo ICO

The ICO of Exscudo starts April 25. Users have 5 days left to pre-order EON coins and receive a 10% [...]

EON coins pre-order now available!

On  April 13, Exscudo starts EON coins pre-order. Investors can book the needed amount at 0.0002 BTC for a coin [...]