Investors rush – Exscudo strikes back

Dear all, We are highly excited about your interest to Exscudo. Yesterday, at the start of the crowdsale, we faced [...]

Exscudo Releases Technical Whitepaper

Exscudo releases a document covering the basic functionality of the EON blockchain. The technical white paper covers the rules of [...]

5 days ICO Exscudo
5 days left until Exscudo ICO

The ICO of Exscudo starts April 25. Users have 5 days left to pre-order EON coins and receive a 10% [...]

EON coins pre-order now available!

On  April 13, Exscudo starts EON coins pre-order. Investors can book the needed amount at 0.0002 BTC for a coin [...]

Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company is now…

Update coming Exscudo has engaged law firm (Estonian legal department of a Big 4 company) to advise it on the legal [...]

Exscudo Team releases the first video message

Chiefs of Exscudo, the cryptocurrencies financial provider, tell the audience more about the project in their new video. The top [...]

Exscudo Announces Bounty Campaign
Exscudo launches the Bounty Campaign

The Bounty Campaign is finally here! Spread the word about Exscudo and get EON coins in reward! We allocated 2 [...]

Exscudo ICO
Exscudo, the nextgen financial system, announces ICO

ICO WEBSITE The  Exscudo ICO begins on 25 of April, at 18:00 GMT and lasts until 31 of May. Pre-orders [...]

Exscudo for miners
How Exscudo helps miners

Being a crypto miner basically means your computer works for you – This is one of the biggest misconceptions in [...]

Exscudo Channels Announcement
The Exscudo Channels App Is A New Mobile Wallet And…

The Exscudo Ecosystem team announces its first to be launched product – the Exscudo Channels mobile app. The Exscudo Channels [...]