Exscudo and Crypto.Tickets exclusive partnership opens a new market for…

We are proud to announce that Exscudo, the financial ecosystem which unites cryptocurrency markets and traditional finance, and Crypto.Tickets, project [...]

How to connect to the EON blockchain testnet. Comprehensive instruction.

Prerequisites: OS: Windows / Linux Openssl : Generate a passphrase (seed) – 32 random bytes in HEX; Recommended method: openssl rand [...]

Exscudo successfully launches EON blockchain testnet

We are extremely excited to launch EON blockchain testnet today! Finally, after months of hard work, coding and internal testing, [...]

Chris Skinner joins Exscudo Advisory Board

We are happy to announce that fintech influencer Chris Skinner joined our team as an adviser. Chris will help us [...]

Exscudo FAQ
What is the testnet ?

What is the testnet ? The testnet is an early version of EON blockchain. Its starting functionality includes four main [...]

Flower display 2008 at Brussels Grand Place
Andrew Zimine’s speech at the Nextgen Payments & Regtech Leaders…

Nextgen Payments & Regtech Leaders Forum in Brussel ended well! Andrew Zimine was happy to take part in this inspiring [...]

A statement regarding the ICO ban in China

Yesterday, on August,4, People’s Bank of China, Cyberspace Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry and [...]

A short guide to EON blockchain

EON is a decentralized blockchain-based platform which is the infrastructure of the Exscudo Ecosystem services. The platform is designed to [...]

Andrew Zimine – keynote speaker at the NextGen Payments &…

We are happy to announce that Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, was invited as a keynote speaker to the NextGen Payments [...]

EON blockchain demonstration video

Check out how EON blockchain is being tested in our closed corporate net!