A statement regarding the ICO ban in China

Yesterday, on August,4, People’s Bank of China, Cyberspace Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry and [...]

A short guide to EON blockchain

EON is a decentralized blockchain-based platform which is the infrastructure of the Exscudo Ecosystem services. The platform is designed to [...]

Andrew Zimine – keynote speaker at the NextGen Payments &…

We are happy to announce that Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo, was invited as a keynote speaker to the NextGen Payments [...]

EON blockchain demonstration video

Check out how EON blockchain is being tested in our closed corporate net!

Exscudo presents the exchange accounts interface

Are you looking for the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency? Our developers are working hard on the exchange [...]

Online conference with Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo

WHAT:  Online Conference with an extended Q&A Session WHEN: Tuesday 22th August 2017, 10 am – 12 pm EST Recently, [...]

Testnet launch update

We know you have been waiting for a long time to know when our testnet is launched. Finally, the news [...]

Data security
Technology to change the way you register online. No more…

The chief technical officer of Exscudo Alex Sitnikov has come up with an original way of protecting users’ confidential data [...]

Meet Exscudo Regions

Hello friends, we are fond of being in touch with you, our future users! That`s why today we announce a [...]

New year, exscudo
Happy New Year!

Dear friends, our Exscudo Team is happy to congratulate you to the new beginning! We wish you a lucky start [...]