Audio and video calls: how to talk safely through a messenger app

September 20, 2019

Privacy & security issues are the constant source of concern when it comes to using messenger apps. More and more people start looking for encryption when it comes to using chats. Naturally, the same applies to voice and video calls made through messenger apps.

Just like text chats, audio and video communication should be encrypted to protect our secrets, preventing a man-in-the-middle from eavesdropping on our talks with colleagues, partners, friends and rivals. Private should remain private, whatever method of communication we use.

Why calls should be encrypted, too?
Well, there are many situations in which you would rather call than text. For instance, you are driving, and cannot type. Or you have your hands busy doing or holding something. Or you’re outside, and your fingers are numb with cold. Today, people spend a lot of time talking and doing other things like cooking or ironing. Texting would not be possible here.
Besides, if you have a question than cannot wait, you’d better call instead of texting. It’s psychological – when their phone rings, most people cannot help answering it. Text messages lack this sense of urgency – you may always put them aside, or totally forget about them later. 

Some of us always prefer calling to texting, if this option is available; moreover, there is a theory that ‘call-people’ are less socially awkward and tend to be better communicators. Also, they value their time, as calling is normally the fastest way to get any issue resolved.

As for video-calls, they grow less popular for private daily communication, but are widely used in business community. As the corporate communication shifts from offices to laptops and mobile devices of employers and employees, often separated geographically, more and more people opt for video calls for organizing interviews or other face-to-face interaction events.

Whatever your reason for using voice or video calls is, we are sure now you want them encrypted, too. Using a super protected chat makes little sense if you may accidentally leak your private or corporate information through another channel, without even noticing it. As we have already mentioned, people tend to call if they have urgent and important matters to discuss. It might mean they are under stress, and have less control over what they say.

There is a number of popular messengers on the market, providing encryption-protected voice and video calls: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and some others. 

Before you make your choice, note that ‘encryption’ does not always mean 100% privacy protection. For example some encrypted messenger apps offering voice and video calls may be collecting user’s metadata, that provides additional information about our activities and preferences. Facebook collects as much metadata as possible, and makes no secret of it. Telegram is being vague about the issue. WhatsApp has accepted collecting what they called ‘service-related, diagnostic, and performance information’ (read your ‘activity records’).

Don’t want to share your usage and log info with anyone?

Channels messenger developed by Exscudo is actually one of the best options for you here. 

It uses end-to-end encryption for text chats, as well as for audio and video calls, meaning your conversation is totally private regardless of the mode you prefer. The data is encrypted on the sender’s side, by means of an advanced algorithm, and decrypted on the receiver’s side, with no one in between. 

We collect absolutely no metadata including, but not limited to information about your personal settings, profile details, location, interlocutors, IP address and the type of device you use, frequency and duration of your calls etc. Your private life is under protection.

Security inevitably comes with a price, for technical reasons. We mean the quality of calls, not additional fees ;-).
With Channels, you have 2 options depending on how ‘paranoid’ you are about what you say or show to others. Say, if you are talking to your mom about sensitive family issues, you can opt for a moderate protection level (which is still very high, by comparison) and enjoy good sound and high-rez video.

You are about to discuss top-secret matters? We recommend you to switch to the ultimate protection mode that ensures unprecedented level of security. It’s up to you to decide what your priority is, in every situation.

So, if you have something to hide, or at least nothing to reveal, it would be a good idea to install Channels messenger, that gives you an opportunity to text and talk in a relaxed and free manner. 

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