Channels for Friends: invite your friends and win up to €1000!

September 3, 2019

Edit: after one month of the competition we don’t have a 1st place prize winner. In addition, unfortunately, some users tried to cheat the system by creating fake accounts.

However, many honest people participated in the contest and showed a lot of activity. We want to support these users and keep this competition going. That’s why we decided to alter the rules to make it fairer for everybody and also extend the competition time. What’s more, we are doubling the main prize to 1000 EUR!

What are the prizes?

We will track who invited the most friends to Channels and award prizes depending on your performance:

  • 1st Place will receive €1000 
  • 2nd Place will receive €300
  • 3rd place finalist will receive €200

All of your friends will also receive 10 EON each. EON is the native currency of Channels that can be used to pay for transaction fees. This will be enough to get your friends started using the app and making free transactions. 

Competition rules

Edit: Make sure you pay attention to the updated rules.

  1. Go here and download the channels app;
  2. Visit this site to get a referral link;
  3. Share the link with your friends ( your friends must be people from your contact list, whom you know personally )! 
  4. Let your friends join and confirm their identity by completing KYC tier 2;
  5. When you invite enough friends to win a prize, send us a list of EON-IDs of people that you invited;
  6. The competition will continue until one user reaches the 1st place by inviting at least 50 friends;

Prize distribution timeframe

  1. All prizes will be distributed when we have a first-place winner;
  2. But if you are a second or third place winner, we don’t want to make you wait. You can get your prize right away or try to compete for the first place;
  3. To get your prize, get in touch with the team via Discord or Help center.

What is the new deadline?

There isn’t one. The main prize will be given to the winner as soon as they invite at least 50 friends. If you reach the second or third place you can apply to get your prize anytime after reaching the respective number of invites.

What is Channels?

Channels is a next-generation mobile wallet and messenger combined in a single application. It is based on the blockchain technology and allows to securely store and manage a variety of assets – from tens of different cryptocurrencies and stable coins to fiat. 

What’s more, Channels has some unique features like in-app currency exchanger and super-convenient and cheap cross border payments. In addition, the developer of this application, Exscudo, is constantly adding new features: the next updates will be integrated plastic cards for convenient payments at any vendor and TeamShop: an integrated coupon and social shopping functionality for amazing deals and discounts on products. 

So what are you waiting for?

You can win up to 1000 EUR, discover an awesome app for your financial needs and share it with your friends! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? The competition has already begun, download Channels here, get your referral link here and start sharing! 

Note: to be applicable for 1st place you need to invite more than 50 friends. To be applicable for 2nd place you need to invite more than 20 friends. To be applicable for 3rd place you need to invite more than 10 friends. All prizes will be distributed in EUR to EUR wallets in the Channels application.

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