Exscudo Channels App for Android and iOS is successfully launched!


Exscudo is excited to announce our newest great product Exscudo Channels App which is the first app combining payment and communication functionalities on the global market. It is a tool for sending money and messages from any mobile device, outreaching every existing payment and communication solution. Exscudo Team has taken the best blockchain practices to provide you with ultimate security and reliability of Channels App.

The Exscudo Team developed Channels App as a tool suitable for people who look for secure business communication, but also for those who want to keep an absolute privacy and anonymity in their everyday chat conversations. The idea behind Channels App was to create the perfect solution for reliable and secure communication, tailored to private and commercial needs.

Channels App unites functionalities of a wallet and messenger, keeping it quick, easy and secure for the users. You can send and receive messages, photos, videos and money – all in one app. Thanks to build-in wallet, you can also easily transfer your EON tokens to anyone you want by Channels App chat or QR code.

Exscudo Channels App works on EON Mainnet, which makes your money and information fully secure. Entering Exscudo ecosystem, each user gets their own EON ID – the key to all Exscudo services. For Channels App, by using this unique code you can restore money balance on your new mobile device, any time and place.

Despite the two-factor authentication and other standard security measures, Exscudo Team implemented advanced features to obtain the highest level of users’ data protection:

  • Messages cannot be tracked. It is impossible to find out where the message comes from or where it is send, because with Channels App information is processed simultaneously on all the nodes of network.
  • Private key. It is stored only on user’s device, not transmitted to peers.
  • The messenger will not break down. New nodes and peers can be set up immediately, preventing the system from breaking down.
  • Personal data is not saved on the blockchain. User’s messages and personal information are encrypted before getting into the blockchain.

Exscudo is expanding Channels App’s capabilities at every possible turn. The app is a part of the whole Exscudo ecosystem – it is already connected with EON Mainnet and Exscudo exchange. All our products are integrated with each other to make the user experience better, easier and more flexible. In the future, you will be able to use your Channels wallet to pay with cryptocurrencies even in convenience stores. Your money will be converted automatically: if you want to pay from your BTC wallet for bill in USD, Exscudo Exchange will convert the money automatically. The next big step for the app is integration with Exscudo bank cards, but this feature will be released in later updates.

Click here to download the app:

for Android
for iOS