5 Good Reasons To Prefer The Exscudo Exchange

October 17, 2019
Exscudo Exchange: 5 good reasons to use it

If you are starting out with crypto, you are probably looking for an easy and secure way to buy and sell you coins. Searching for the best crypto exchange? We suggest you read this article before you make your choice. It will take no more than 5 minutes, but may save you a lot of time and doubtful thinking. 

Here are our top 5 reasons for choosing the Exscudo Exchange.

1. Usability

The most obvious feature that all the users would appreciate is usability. Our developers have done a lot of testing to make the exchange interface really convenient. They ensured that trading is as stress-free as possible. Both for beginners and the pros.

This accent on ease of use is due to the fact that the company’s primary target was creating ‘a bridge’ between the conventional banking system and the cryptocurrency market. We sought to promote the innovation among so-called ‘mainstream users’, professional traders, investors and even financial institutions.

Actually, the Exscudo exchange is an organic part of the bigger blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem includes Channels payment app. It’s a digital wallet and an encrypted messenger. We created this line of interconnected products to address all possible financial needs.

Want to learn how to use our trading interface? We made this comperhansive guide to trading crypto on the Exscudo exchange jsut for you.

2. Security

Another crypto user’s concern is security. It’s easy to see why — we all know that in cryptocurrency world, ‘lost’ often means ‘lost forever’ just because all the transactions are irreversible. The major exchange hacks are still fresh in the public memory, making us over-inquisitive when it comes to choosing a crypto trading instrument.

Exscudo exchange is an excellent choice in terms of security, as it combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges and is free from the vulnerabilities of both types. For instance, as a semi-decentralized platform it uses a cold storage for depositing users’ funds, but for security reasons, it represetns real cryptocurrencies with colored coins. The platform uses them in transactions and mirrors the real coins, while they are safe in a cold storage.

In case of attack it allows to restore the users’ balances to the state before the hack. EON blockchain ensures the safety of deposits, featuring the highest level of security and resistance to hacker attacks. The exchange merely plays the role of an escrow agent, signing transactions.

3. The Ecosystem

As we have already mentioned, the Exscudo exchange is a part of a bigger blockchain ecosystem, with other Exscudo products integrated into it. This all-in-one approach allows a user enjoy the combined benefits of all the existing and upcoming products, made to match each other perfectly. For instance, you can withdraw money directly to the Channels app, or any other wallet you prefer.

Interested in learning everything about cryptocurrency trading? Check our our ultimate cryptoccurency trading guide for begginers.

4. Legality

A big red flag for any user, choosing an exchange, is the absence or lack of clear legal information. Many inexperienced crypto users, following the promise of low trading fees, pay no attention to this fact. Such a negligence may cost them dear in the end of the day. Say, what if  something happens to their money? They woulnd’t even know where to turn for help. Which authorities get in touch with.

The Exscudo exchange has all the relevant info and legal documents (the official address, the number of license, fees and KYC/AML policies etc), displayed openly in the CONTACTS and ABOUT sections in the bottom of the main page.

4. Community And Updates

Regular updates and actively growing community. Since its launch in the early July 2018, the platform has experienced multiple updates, including adding new currencies and SEPA deposits.

The most recent one dates back to the last week, when Spanish and German languages support was added. The support is aimed at attracting more users from Hispanic and German-speaking countries and communities. We do not stop in our development and have a lot of plans for the future. This means that your trading tool will get better and better.

If have not joined us yet, here is the link for signing up.

Wishing you an exciting trading experience and looking forward to your feedback!

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