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1 Introduction

We are glad that you are engaged in our ecosystem and in our referral program. We clearly illustrate EON calculating mechanics below. We also explain how to use your referral link:

2 calculation Mechanics

For better understanding of how our referral program works let’s consider an example with specific figures and calculations.

2.1 How many EONs are allocated?

Total referral program budget is 100 000 EONs:

  • 40 thousand EONs for user registrations;
  • 60 thousand EONs for operations.

2.2 How much will I earn?

Let’s assume 10,350 users have registered and they have made 140,560 transactions during the test.

Thus we get:

40000/10350 = 3,864734 EONs for 1 registration

60000/140560 = 0,42686397 EONs for 1 operation.

If you brought to us 15 users who have made total of 310 transactions, you get

15× 3,8647343 = 57,971014 EONs for registrations

310 × 0,42686397 = 132,327831 EONs for operations

You have a total of:

132.32783153 + 132.32783153 = 264.655663 EON

Not bad, huh?=)

3 How to take part in the referral program?

Let’s figure out how to bring referrals and where to get a referral link

3.1 Where can I get a link?

For your convenience we made a special section on the website of the Exchange.

  • Click on the gear in the top right corner of the screen (see pic. below)


  • Select Referral tab and copy the referral link using the Copy function button (see pic. below)


3.2 Where should I place the link?

We offer the easiest way to attract referrals — using a link, so you just have to place it in your publications, comments, forum and email signatures, banners and other ads in order to attract potential referrals to click on your link.

We advise you not only to passively place the link in your posts, but to use active communication, telling others about our product and offering to sign up using your referral link.

Such activities will increase the activity of users and the amount of your bonus tokens.

That’s all, thanks again and good luck!