Make Overseas Transactions with Close to Zero Fees in Channels

Olga Shirimova
August 28, 2020
Channels send money overseas cheaply

Sending money overseas is expensive. Really expensive. What’s more, sometimes fees are not displayed transparently and you end up spending more than you were expecting in the first place.

That’s not the case when you are using Channels — our fees are transparent and among the lowest in the industry.

The Channels mobile wallet enables people from around the globe to move their funds freely and almost free of charge.

In fact, our internal transfer fees are so low that they are practically aren’t even there. It does not matter what currency from nearly 30 available assets you choose or where the recipient lives. Or how much you are sending. You pay a flat fee of 0,00001 EON. With one EON amounting to roughly 0,02 USD that is cheap. If you want, you can try to calculate just how low those fees are. Unfortunately, the author of this text is not enough of a mathematician.

Of course, you can also send funds to outside addresses — be it a banking card, a digital wallet or a SEPA address. In this case, you pay the same flat Channels fee and the fee of the used payment network to the corresponding provider. All charges are transparently displayed in the app, so you know exactly how much the transaction is going to cost.

Are you ready to enter the world of unlimited international money transfers? Then join the Channels community today and stop worrying about expensive oversea payments!

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