Online conference with Andrew Zimine

Friday, Feb 16, Andrew Zimine held an online conference in our Slack account where he answered many questions regarding project development and timeline. Here are the most interesting and useful pieces from the conference we want to share with you.



1)When is the banking license submission and attribution (if everything goes well)?

Licensing thing – it is not really banking, it is the E-Money licence. Submission – on March, 10-15, more or less.

2) When the fiat exchange will be launched?

This is also connected to the E-Money licence attribution. First fiat currency to be added to Exscudo exchange will be Euro.

3)When Exscudo issues the debit cards?

In one or two months from the E-money licence attribution.

4)What are the new expected dates for Exscudo exchange public beta  testing?

It’s the end of February, no changes here.

5)Why has it taken so long from ICO to get to this point? What was the cause of the delay(s)?

The delay was primarily because of the state regulators wanting requirements, which were much more numerous than we expected. We are keeping adapting our products to the new regulations and new laws, like GDPR. Sometimes to meet all the legal requirements we had to rewrite some stuff or even to re-architect it.

6)Has that been rectified now?

Yes, mostly, we are now clean.

7)Any dates for Channels API to be accessible to 3rd party devs?

Channels API will not be published in the foreseeable future.

8) What about the exchange API?

We will publish it at launch or a bit later. Exchange API will be similar to that of Bitstamp and Bitfinex so nobody has to re-write their soft.

Product development

1)Are debit cards issued by Exscudo only or 3rd parties can also emit them?

Debit cards will be issued by Exscudo with the help of the 3rd party providers.

2)Besides the already mentioned coins what other pairs are planned?


3) Did you get anywhere with Ryan Taylor … Dash integration with the exchange?

Dash will be integrated, we will contact Ryan Taylor in March.

7) Has the Bitcoin price changes after the ICO had an impact on your plans for Exscudo?

No, our plans have not changed.

8) Improved API docs that were promised some time ago, any estimation dates for those?

New docs will be published as soon as updated products are launched. EON API will be published in the end of February as well.

9)Description of what smart contracts means to you guys, do you have a specific language in place for them if you’re considering doing them?

Smart contract is written with some programming language, whereas smart transaction is like a ‘LEGO’ of different actions in the system – e.g. you have a number of different transaction types, so you can build anything. We do not want to copy ETH experience with their language

10)So to write a smart contract it’d be the devs working at exscudo?

EON devs will write smart transactions. Or anybody can create a smart transaction also, but it should be approved by EON devs.

11) Will there be any restrictions on nodes number? Someone in the chat wrote that a certain number of the largest nodes will support the network and receive a commission. Is it so?

No, there will be no ‘cap’ of the node number. Accounts with deposit of >25 000 EON will receive commissions.

12) What will be the starting price of EON on the exchange?

It will be determined by market. Exscudo will by no means manipulate it.

13) How much transaction per second eon blockchain can handle?

1 block per 3 mins, block contains ~3500 tx. It makes something like ~20 sec per second. It will be sufficient for some time, then we will optimise it.

14)Which of your products you can call unique and most advanced? What can help your company to stand out, in your opinion?

We are not an exchange, or currency. We are a solution for your life – you don’t have to use anything else besides our solutions to feel comfortable.


1)What are the engagement rules, i.e. if a company wants to leverage Exscudo’s tech, be it fintech or not, what are the required steps?

Any company who wants to join Exscudo ecosystem should meet KYC/AML and be in the legal field of the residency state.

2)Are you positioning as a blockchain and crypto tech provider?

We are not any provider, we are a company developing fintech solutions on blockchain.

3)If so what other financial tools and techs are you considering for the future?

Exscudo’s aim for the future is to make economy clear, transparent and simple. People should not be challenged with transactions: high costs, low transparency, fraud etc. Businesses should do what they do, and Exscudo will deal with transactional business.

4)Is there a roadmap for development and expansion beyond the products that currently are in development?

Andrew: I have various negotiations with some companies, every business waits for the ready product to integrate with. Now, I am sorry, but I can’t disclose any possible partners, because we have not signed any contract. But we have a few cards up the sleeve and just after the launch we will show them.


1)What are the chances of having a hackathon with the developers after go live?

Hackathon is a good idea, we are keeping this in mind.

2)Would you consider improving the channel of communications between here and Exscudo?

Yes, that’s why we were here today. Besides, we want to strengthen our community team in Exscudo so we can be with you 24/7.

3)How is getting on?

They are doing well, developing their own project, whereas we getting ready to launch EON so they begin to use it.

4)For promotional purposes, is your objective to do some (greater) marketing efforts after beta launch? Or after Mainnet in March? And are there any sneak peaks in promotional events you can disclose at this time?

There will be more marketing after the Mainnet launch. Actually marketing is such a sphere which we don’t want to disclose – after all, there won’t be such an effect if we do.

5)Since Estonia is under EU, what is Exscudo plan on complying with the GDPR regulations taking in place May this year?

We will adapt our products to all the new regulations, including the GDPR