Transaction rejected: how to get a refund?


This is an instruction for those investors that participated in the ICO and whose transactions were rejected. Withdrawal will be available until the 21st of June, 23:59 GMT!

Why did it happen?

In case that the transaction was included into a block after the 1st of June, 17:59 GMT, it was rejected and not accepted for the ICO. In this case, you are not to receive EON coins, but we kindly ask you to request a refund of the same amount that you have sent.

How to make a refund?

Log in to your Dashboard. Then, go to the list of transactions. In case that one of your transactions shows the status ‘Rejected’, you will see a ‘Withdraw’ button in the right column as shown on the picture below.


Click on “Withdraw” and enter the BTC address you would like us to send the refund to. The Dashboard will show you the estimated transaction size, the amount of BTC to withdraw and the estimated commission.


Check all the data attentively. The withdrawal is non-reversible! We won’t be able to help you if you make a mistake in your BTC address!

After checking your data, press ‘Withdraw’. The funds will be sent to your wallet. The transaction status will change to ‘Withdrawn’, and a link to Blockchain Info for tracking will become available.


The processing of the transaction may take some time, which, among other factors, depend on the commission you set for it.