Welcome to Exscudo

October 7, 2016
Why Exscudo

Let us introduce you to Exscudo — the digital stock exchange for the new generation.

Exscudo is the new bridge between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market.

Would you like to buy cryptocurrencies from your credit card? To see all tools, indexes and relevant news in one interface? To trade crypto and fiat on the same platform?

Exscudo is extremely easy-to-use for beginners but professionally multifunctional for experienced traders.

On Exscudo, you will find:
– an adaptable and usable user interface;
– professional tools and indexes for traders;
– instant transactions;
– verified security algorithms;
– legal access to cryptocurrency trading for traders, firms and institutions;
– other secret options that we will reveal later.

We are a platform that unites the worlds of traditional finances and cryptocurrencies. Our main goal is to provide an easy, fast and secure access to cybercurrencies for every person with an internet access and a simple credit card.

Next week, we intend to launch our website. We will also publish details on our early birds alpha testing program. If you wish to participate, follow this blog.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to ask any questions.

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