October 7, 2016
exscudo, cryptocurrency exchange

Nomen est omen. People used to give newborns, ships and cities names by reading the signs and looking at the stars. Even today, naming is one of the most well-paid specializations of branding.

So why did we choose the name ‘EXSCUDO’?

The first thing that comes to one’s mind is ‘escudo’ — the Portuguese currency. It used to be the most valued coin during the Golden Age. The golden escudo was a symbol of Portuguese and Spanish Empires’ wealth and eminence.

Next, ‘scudo’ means ‘shield’ in Italian. Security has been our dev team’s priority since the first line of code was written. This part of the name refers to one of our key advantages — you would like a financial system to be secure and stable, wouldn’t you?

Finally, why the ‘EX’? This is easy — because of the English ‘exchange’! Exscudo is the next-gen financial system, and the Stock exchange is its leading product. The exchange is an essential part of our financial ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency market with the traditional financial system.

Let’s sum it up: Exscudo stands for the Exchange, shield, and the Golden Age that we want to relaunch with cybercurrencies.

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