Exscudo rolling out: global update


Our team is proudly presenting you the results of our work on Exscudo beta exchange. We are launching a big update, including a new interface and more advanced features. You can test beta version of Exscudo exchange HERE
The following features were added on the exchange:

  1. New quotations interface. Now you can see more information in quotation field: last price for a currency pair, 24-hour trading volume and 24-hour price change.
  2. Now you can change your account password.
  3. Two-factor authorization was added to protect your account. Once you sign into your account, you will need to verify your identity with Google 2FA on your mobile phone.
  4. Now you can test currency deposit/withdrawal system.
  5. Transaction history widget was added.
  6. New orders interface. Now you can see the best price for currency you want to buy, the maximum amount of currency that you can purchase and the balance in this currency.

Take a chance to test the newest functionalities and to share your ideas on how we can improve Exscudo exchange: https://exscudo.ideas.aha.io/?sort=recent. Join our community, discuss other ideas and vote for the best ones. We want to reach the expectations, so we need you to help us making Exscudo exchange even better!